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Things To Do : Five Must-Sees Near London Bridge

Wend your way along the Thames any day of the week and you are sure to find that while none of its plethora or variously coloured bridges lead to gold exactly, there sure are some surprising treats to be found on the banks of London's famous river. Here are our five top spots to visit via London's bridges:


The Golden Hinde was a galleon famed for being captained by Sir Francis Drake as he circumnavigated the world between 1577 and 1580. The ship now berthed St Mary Overie Dock in London is a full-size exact replica that has travelled the world on many of her own voyages, and now serves as a historical museum, educational centre and general beauty to behold to all passers by!


The oldest surviving operating theatre in Europe, this hidden gem situated in the loft of the church at St Thomas' Hospital is worth a snoop on your travels.

Now a museum, the original timber-framed Herb Garret building is a beauty in itself. Inside you'll get a fascinating glimpse into the world of medicine and surgery through the ages.

 It started out as a store for herbal medicines and in 1822 became an operating theatre, before such things as anaesthetics and antiseptics existed!



The home of our great British playwright, William Shakespeare, a visit to The Globe Theatre is another venue guaranteed to  transport you back in time.

Opening their season on May 19th (all things well), why not book a spot to see their classics reinvented. Up first are the fittingly celebratory Midsummer Night's Dream, romantic comedy Twelfth Night and of course one of William's most famed tragedies, Romeo & Juliet.


One of the most spacious museums in London, the Tate Modern is a gallery that is free to everybody. Housing art ranging from the 16th century right through to the latest in contemporary work, there is something to please (or at least provoke thought!) for everyone. Although the gallery is currently closed to visitors, many of the exhibitions have been painstakingly taken online so a virtual tour is yours from the comfort of your very own home. Currently on show are exhibitions exploring the themes of Materials and Objects, Living Cities and Media Networks.


 Stretching an eye-watering 310 metres high, this relative newcomer to the London skyline is an already iconic feature of the Thames shoreline. Erected in 2012, the shimmering glass structure holds the current record for being the tallest building in the United Kingdom.

If the view downstream from London Bridge doesn't sate your appetite for heights, then The Shard should be your next port of call. Re-opening to the public on May 19th, you can enjoy fine dining and drinks with a view, or register for special events such as their Silent Disco and Weekend Warmup.
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