The Original Route-Master : The History of the Omnibus

Britain's oldest form of public transport, the classic red route-masters of London town have not always been red, nor have they always been powered by an engine...

You might be surprised to know that the very first omnibuses to grace London's streets, built by George Shillibeer in 1829, were drawn by horses!

Originally the buses were also painted different colours to signify their different routes making for a very jolly addition to London's streets, but have long since been changed to the pillarbox red that we all know and love. On special occasions they have been known to be painted gold or silver however, in celebration of the Queen's jubilees!

Most of the original route-masters have now been replaced with more modern, environmentally friendly models but if you really want to experience the original and only way to tour London by double-decker... there are two classics still in rotation and they run from Trafalgar Square to Tower Hill, and from Kensington High Street to Aldwych. 

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