Romantic London Strolls

Romantic London Strolls

There's nothing quite like a romantic picnic, but it's not really suitable for February, is it? It's all well and good until you are huddled under a tree trying to protect your chocolate-covered strawberries from the rain. Instead, wrap up warm and go for a romantic stroll which can be cut short if the weather has other plans.

When you find yourself under the Kensington Gardens  Tunnel of greenery with a loved one, you almost feel like you're starring in your own romcom. This continues throughout the gardens of Hyde Park, and the sheer size of this Royal Park means that your stroll can be as long or as short as you like - and end with a hot chocolate on the Serpentine Lake.

Little Venice Canal is a triangular basin in West London, and while a trip to Venice, Italy might not be possible, a stroll along the walkways of Little Venice is a very suitable alternative. It's beautiful, but may result in you plotting your future on a cosy, flower-adorned houseboat.... You can stop at cafés along the way, and can even have a ride on a barge if your feet are getting tired from all that romantic strolling!

There are a plethora of other possible strolls to take, and while not all of them are picture-perfect throughout (unlike the Little Venice stroll), many of them have eye-catching sights to enjoy along the way. Walking along the Thames is always a good idea, especially when the iconic Tower Bridge comes into the picture.

House of Cally is a contemporary illustration and design company founded by London-based artist Cally Lathey.

She works with a wide variety of media, including illustration, screen printing and fabrics. In her designs, she draws inspiration from childhood memories of growing up in London. This includes visiting museums, trips to the zoo, walks along the Thames and playing in many of the cities beautiful parks.

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