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London's Famous Beauty Icons: Twiggy, Moss, Campbell

London has always been a stylish city with no shortage of beauty and fashion inspiration available on any of its bustling streets on any given day. In fact, many of the world's most famous mega-models hail from the city so here is a look at three of the city's most illustrious.

Lesley Hornby

One who has well and truly stood the test of time and whose nickname is so universally recognised that many wouldn't even know her formal name, is "The Face of '66" : Twiggy.

Born Lesley Hornby in London, the long-limbed model was not only an icon of the sixties but remains relevant even now as the current face of British g0-to brand, M&S.

Naomi Campbell

Born in Streatham, Naomi is a London girl through and through despite having gone on to world domination as one of the most famous supermodels ever to have graced our catwalks. She was first spotted while window shopping in Covent Garden, and her career took off when she made history as British Vogue's first Black cover girl since 1966.

Kate Moss

Another global fashion phenomenon is London's very own Croydon girl, Kate Moss. Over the years, Kate has become such an iconic figurehead of fashion and beauty that a solid gold statue of her was created by artist Marc Quinn, entitled 'Siren' and first exhibited at the British Museum in 2008. Kate's collaboration with London cosmetics brand Rimmel to promote the "London Look" cemented her status as the face of the city, resulting in her very own patriotically bright red shade of lipstick, which was obviously an enormous hit!
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