Now that you know all about the history of London Bridge and the North American state you'd never expect to find it in, you'll find yourself spotting it everywhere... in popular culture!

The bustling city of London has long been a staple backdrop for film directors, and its arterial river Thames around which all life is centered also often makes the cut. Check out our top three London-Bridge-Loving films to watch here:


Although the original 1964 classic Mary Poppins was filmed at Disney in California, Rob Marshall's 2018 sequel sees Mary's return to the UK using many real life London locations. Not convinced? The film features a star-studded British cast that includes Emily Blunt, Colin Firth. Julie Walters and Meryl Streep.

The title of the opening piece, "Underneath the Lovely London Sky" says all you need to know for the visual treats you are in for!


Much of London's iconic architecture receives some rather horrifying treatment at the hands of Voldemort's death-eaters in  David Yates' Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Most famously so is the Millennium bridge which is completely destroyed and plunged into the depths of the Thames in a vicious attack on the city's muggle inhabitants.


In the most recently released Bond film, Daniel Craig makes good use of the Thames in the dramatic helicopter vs boat chase that provides a heart-racing culmination to Spectre. The film's director, Sam Mendes uses Camden Lock on Regent's Canal as the underwater entrance to the new MI6 Head Quarters, while the wily Craig romps home all the way from Vauxhall Cross under Lambeth Bridge, past the houses of Parliament finishing up fittingly at Westminster Bridge in a scene that is sure to take your breath away.
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