Heartwarming Christmas Reads

Heartwarming Christmas Reads

I love to drift off into another place with a good Christmas book from the chick lit or women’s fiction genres. There’s nothing like a heartwarming read to give you a bit of Christmas spirit.

Here are a few that I’ve read in the last couple of years. Some are currently only 99p on Kindle and we all know how important budget is at Christmas. Have a look at my suggestions and let me know your favourites.

A Surprise Christmas Wedding

by Phillipa Ashley

Lottie works as a wedding and events coordinator in an Edwardian mansion on a huge estate in the Lake District. Lottie loves her job, until she discovers that her next clients are none other than her ex and his fiancé...

I absolutely loved this book and kept reading until I got to the end. The setting is gorgeous and I could easily picture it from the description of the flora and fauna.

There are some emotional moments, but it’s a pleasant, easy read of about 4-5 hours, culminating in an emotional, but heartwarming ending.

Winter Wishes

by Ruth Saberton

Winter Wishes is part 3 in a series set in Polwenna Bay, Cornwall, but can definitely be read as a standalone. This story focuses mostly on the lovely local vicar Jules and the Tremaine family.

Winter Wishes starts at Halloween and has a heartwarming ending on Christmas Day. This really had it all – real characters, a little light humour, gossip, drama, community and a bit of romance. Even tales of smugglers and treasure. I loved it and will definitely be reading more from this series and Ruth Saberton in general.

Snowdrops on Rosemary Lane

by Ellen Berry

Snowdrops on Rosemary Lane by Ellen Berry is endearing and heartwarming. It has a sad backdrop but is a beautiful read. Snowdrops on Rosemary Lane is the tale of Lucy getting her life back in track, setting up her own business in a Yorkshire B and B, and settling into country life with her two children. There’s a lovely surprise at the end which makes it a wonderful heartwarming read at this time of year.

Meet Me In London

by Georgia Toffolo

I was surprised to find that Meet Me In London is a Mills and Boon book. Mills and Boon have quite a reputation for releasing romantic fiction for old ladies, don’t they? Well, they’ve moved with the times and can quite easily fit in with the modern-day chick lit genre now.

This story is about Victoria, an undiscovered clothes designer who works as a bar manager.

Fate introduces her to Oliver, the heir to a department store chain, and he asks her to be his fake girlfriend to get his nagging mother off his back. I could picture it all happening in a Christmas movie, as it is set in November and December with lots of festivity happening around them. This is a passionate story of love and friendship.

Christmas Calendar Girls

by Samantha Tonge

Christmas Calendar Girls is about a group of 3 mums who implement The Living Advent in their neighbourhood to support the local foodbank charity. An interesting concept that wouldn’t work in all residential areas but it gives you something to think about – a lovely act of giving that brings all the family and neighbourhood together.

Coming Home to Glendale Hall

by Victoria Walters

This is the first in a series of books set in a fictional village in Scotland. Beth left the wealthy family home of Glendale Hall when she was 16 and pregnant after her family told her to get rid of the baby. She moved away, worked hard and bought up her daughter alone. Now 10 years later she has returned for one last Christmas as her gran is dying.

The family has lived on lies for many years and the secrets come out throughout the story. As it’s Christmas there’s an abundance of festive fun and home baking. This is an easy, enjoyable read with a typical romantic ending.

Christmas on the Canal Boat Café

by Cressida McLaughlin

Parts 5 and 6 of the Canal Boat Café series cover the festive season. You don’t have to have read parts 1-4 first as there is a little bit of recap in the Christmas editions (although I recommend that you do because they are lovely stories). You do, however, need to read or part 5 and 6 together and in order.

In these two novellas, you get more tales of canal life as the roving gang meets up in Little Venice London for the Christmas season. The stories provide a bit of nature, mystery, romance, and friendship, as well as two lovely furry companions. Both parts are a good couple of hours reading.

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