London is famously one of the best connected capitals in the world, with its various modes of transport all being iconic symbols of the city. There are many ways to explore it's streets from the Red Bus to the Black Cab, the London Underground or even a Boris Bike… but which will you choose?


If you’re looking for a classic way to see the biggest sights of London, and the weather is good, you can’t get better than booking a tour on an iconic red London Bus. Slow paced but with the best rooftop view in town, you can hop on and off as you like and it will only cost you a fiver tops!


All London cabbies have to pass a rigorous exam called “The Knowledge" which equips them for London's street's like no other. For a personal experience start by speaking the lingo. Take a trip from the cheekily nicknamed Gasworks (Houses of Parliament) around the Magic Circle (Piccadilly Circle), through Fagin’s Kitchen (Stock Exchange) or through the Dirty Dozen (the fastest route from Regent St to Charing Cross).


When we think of London’s streets, we tend to think of those above ground. But you’d be missing a trick if you forgot about exploring the whole network that exists underneath them  experiencing all of the amazing  artwork that exists in them along along the way. You can buy an oyster card to ride the tube for the small fee of five pounds and then top it up with however much you need as you go along.


Affectionately known as Boris Bikes, these rentable bicycles are available to hire at the click of a button all over London. From as little as £2.00 for half an hour’s riding within a 24 hour period, it’s one of the cheapest options for covering a lot of ground and truly taking in the sights and sounds of the city. You are in complete control of your own tour on a bike, with safe, easily navigable bicycle lanes and a handy app you can follow that provides you with ready-made sightseeing routes to follow if you’re lacking in inspiration!

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