The London Subscription box

Ello Ello Ello? A Closer Look At Our Much Loved London Telephone Boxes

Though we are so umbilically attached to our mobile phones these days that not many of us can genuinely say we'd ever have reason to use one of London's 7.000 traditional red phone boxes, there's just something so romantic about their timeless design that the city would be bereft without them.

It's true that not all of them are still operational, some having been transformed into cute book exchange stations, but many have been designated as listed buildings.

First designed in 1924 by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, our beloved red telephone boxes also helpfully often house important things such as defibrillators these days as well as being eternally useful shelters from the occasional British downpour. Astonishingly, the very first wooden prototype made by Scott is still standing for all to see outside the Royal Academy in Piccadilly. Check it out, and maybe take the opportunity to check in with a loved one while you're there!

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