Is there anything chocolate can't fix? You'll have a hard time convincing any Londoner, because they always have these amazing chocolate boutiques on their doorstep. Be sure to treat your special someone to delicacies from any of these mouthwatering establishments.

1. Hotel Chocolat

Some chocolates in a heart-shaped box will always do the trick on Valentine's Day, but it's a bit boring, right? That's not to say you should scrap chocolate altogether, but rather head to Hotel Chocolat where things get taken to the next level of Chocoholism. Picking up a heart-shaped box filled with goodies en route to your date is certainly possible, but you can also make an event of it and go perusing the selection with your partner, selecting the perfect, delicate truffles and sharing them.

2. Melt Chocolates

Alright, alright, you think just gifting chocolates is too much of a cliché? No worries, Melt Chocolates offers chocolate making courses, meaning the gift itself is the fun and exciting experience of mixing your own delicious treats... but still resulting in delicious treats, which is the whole point of this endevour, right?

3. Le Jeune Chocolatiers

Romance can be a hard thing to pinpoint, but you can probably always trust a chocolate boutique with French origins - the Swiss know their stuff when it comes to chocolatey goodness. Le Jeune Chocolatiers is located in Covent Garden, making it a perfect pitstop after your date at one of the many restaurants in the area, and also meaning there are plenty of beautiful, picturesque archways and benches to feed them to your partner under...

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